Python Intro

A few Python exercises led by hints in comments - for beginners / intermediate

Python Intro

A Python learning tool with beginner exercises in using variables, data structures and basic control flow.

Developed by Ben Nuttall for use in Raspberry Jams, STEM activities, Code Clubs, etc.

Designed to be compatible with both Python2 and Python3.

Also designed to be PEP-8 compliant to encourage good coding style.


How to use

Go to and download the file (right click & save) then open the file in IDLE or IDLE3. Run the file with F5 to see the output then go back to the code and read the instructions, edit away, save and run again. Alternatively open in a text editor and run from the terminal with python


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Python Intro by Ben Nuttall is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

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